E-mail Archiving


Legally secure Email archiving
Easy and secure as a managed service.

With the help of an e-mail archiving you meet the statutory requirements for the storage of sent and received e-mails, enable with the integrated search function to work more efficiently with e-mails and can access your archive at any time thanks to the central storage. The archive is offered as a managed service exclusively from data centers in Germany.

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Statutory requirements

Compliance with all relevant legal requirements.

Layer 4

No high investment costs

No high investment costs You save high investment costs for server hardware and software licenses.

Layer 5

Quick search function

Quick search access to all emails increases productivity when working with E-mail.

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Self-Service System

The self-service concept allows independent, rights-based access to the archive without the administrator users.

Layer 6

Secure access

You can at any time, around the world and secure (encrypted only) access all emails.

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Seamless integration

The archive solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. Furthermore, there is a Windows client and a Web client available.