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How we do it

Admittedly - ThinkTank is a big term, whether we do justice to it, we do not know and we do not care. Not every wish is easy to implement, also not every particular goal is easy to achieve. We strive for the impossible to achieve the best. You have a desire, a thought, a problem that does not seem solvable, or you lack the right approach to it?

We have experience in various industries and we have a team that will help you find the perfect solution for you. We think about the topics and create a solution for you, which is tailor-made to meet your needs.

TOCOMO-Smart Country


Made it to Berlin to myGovernment - Start-Ups with solutions for the smart state of tomorrow! 
We are still working on it! Do you have your own ideas?

Creativity and innovation are not available at the push of a button. Ideas arise, are developed or are perceived as flashes of the spirit. There are no stupid ideas as populary known, because the idea is already something special.

It is the formulation of one's own thoughts, in a world that changes more and more quickly. 
We do not just want to take existing paths, we want to create new paths for you. 
We offer you the opportunity to communicate your concerns in a personal 
interview and we will show you free ideas or approaches. 
You decide how to proceed!


For Start-Ups 
How does an idea and innovation a sustainable business model and what options are there to the digitisation to prepare? We ask you these questions very gladly and with the help of our tools prototyping (rapid) and we bring your company design thinking with you together forward.



Our experience values are based on the lean start-up model. Our statement: Let us together solve the problems of your customers. Don't think that you can solve innovations with long-serving management - tools. This contradiction should be clear!


Don't hold on to business plans, if they are outdated in a year already - rely to "Pivot". See yourself rather as a temporary, flexible organization that is on the lookout for a sustainable business model. Thus, you can make mistakes sooner and therefore faster make necessary changes.

We want to be with you on this way and be supportive. Only with you, we can take your customer development approach to success. Important: Don't let yourself be discouraged by people pretending to know in advance, if you're successful with your idea.

You think we are crazy?

Yes, perhaps, but it is mostly with people who leave old paths and tread new tracks. We would like to talk with you about new, innovative ideas and projects because we are simply curious and enjoyable. Just log in if you feel this need as well.

Give the monkeys no sugar!